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ICM! [CHARACTER] isthe first in the I CAN MEMORIZE! RECITAL AND MEMORY series. You'll find on this page,
content description as well and features of each item in the Resource Pack.


Resource Pack

Do you know that your child can memorize and recite 52, verses of scripture in just 1 year?!
That’s right! With this vital resource along with some effort, parents can effectively guide their young ones on this
incredibly rewarding journey.
In this resource pack, Smarttie and Friends show children how God’s kind of character can inspire children and help
each child live everyday being a better person - A person of CHARACTER!

With themes such as Love, Kindness, Patience, Peacefulness and Humility, I Can Memorize! Recital and Memory Pack is
a creative educational resource for schools and homes.
It is also adaptable for use as a devotional as well as supplementary material for children churches everywhere.

Each resource pack consists of:
1. A Recital and Memory Book
2. Interactive CD
3. A Coloring Book
4. A Progress Monitoring Sheet
5. Memory Card booklet
6. Guide For Parents and Teachers

With the plan, your child will learn one CHARACTER related scripture in a week and a total of 52 scriptures in an entire
year. This way, children will have God’s word in their hearts all year round!

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I CAN MEMORIZE! RECITAL AND MEMORY BOOK features Memory Verses, Bible inspired stories, illustrations and scenarios.
It shows children in very simple and realistic terms the virtues of Godly character.

I CAN MEMORIZE! COLORING BOOK is not your usual coloring activity book.
It features all 52 memory verses in focus. This essentially further reinforces the scriptures in the minds of the young ones even
as they color away!

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Interactive CD-Rom

Interactive CD

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I CAN MEMORIZE! INTERACTIVE CD-ROM is an interactive fun resource for the young ones. It features vital components of a multimedia application like sound, videos, vivid illustrations, quizzes, games and more!

ICM! Interactive also contains printable versions of the entire resource pack, this gives parents, guardians and teachers access to extra
resource materials every time.


Progress Sheet & Memory Booklet


Tracking your child’s progress is easy with the 1 Year Memory Challenge Progress Sheet inside this book.

The sheet has 4 tables representing 4 quarters of a year. Whichever month you start, you can track
your child’s progress by posting in the spaces provided, all the verses which the child masters successfully.
You continue to track the progress until all the months are covered. When posted in a visible area,
the 1 Year Memory Challenge Progress Sheet also serves as a constant reminder of your child’s exciting
goal of memorizing and reciting 52 scripture verses in 1 year!

I CAN MEMORIZE! RECITAL AND MEMORY CARDS/BOOKLET is a beautiful resource that offers that extra
help in your child’s scripture memory adventure.

With a unique and portable pack, ICM! Memory Cards design is handy and represents a constant reminder of the
scripture memory goals. When slipped into a bag, it can be referenced at any place and at anytime!
Also, ideal for a fun memory challenge game between siblings, children groups and all - No peeping please!.

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