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Welcome to the maiden edition in our 'I CAN MEMORIZE' series! We're so excited about the release of this resource pack and can't wait to begin
to see it's impact in the lives of the little ones!
Themed CHARACTER, we believe strongly, that the lesson contents will go a long way in equipping the young ones with wholesome knowledge and values in this age and time where wholesome values are in very scarce supply.

The underlining concept behind the design of this book pack is that: By applying little thought and some effort, scripture memorization can actually become possible and not a 'venture' that is generally considered unachievable. To this end, we have designed each of the content of the pack, to take the users closer to this laudable and eternally profitable undertaking.

The goal [which is consistent with all the elements of the pack], is that children will learn to memorize and recite 52 verses of scripture in just 1 year! With the plan, the child will learn one scripture in a week and a total of 52 scriptures in an entire year! This way, children will have God’s word in their hearts all year round.

‘Smarttie and friends’ are the ‘tour guides’ on this amazing adventure. Smarttie as you’ll find, is a leader and role model of repute. He takes his friends [as well as children all over the world] on a very unique learning curve about God, sharing tips on how to exhibit godly character.
I Can Memorize! Recital and Memory Pack is ideal for reading start-ups, it is a creative educational resource for schools and homes. It is also adaptable for use as a devotional as well as supplementary material for children churches everywhere.

Parents, Guardians and Teachers will find our '3 Point Plan' useful as they help children commence their adventurous journey toward learning godly character principles and scripture memorization:

Each day presents us with a brand new opportunity to be better than we were the day before.
Another chance to love more, show more kindness, be more patient, live at peace with
everyone - and with God.
Each new day, brings us yet another chance to be more humble no matter who or what we are.
In our families, with our friends and in our neighbourhoods, we see God bring to us these
opportunities again and again!
In this book and with very simple stories, Smarttie and friends show how God’s kind of character
can inspire children and help them to live everyday being a better person
- A person of CHARACTER!

Do you know that your young ones can learn, memorize and recite 52 verses of scripture in just 1year?!
That’s right! With this vital resource along with a little effort, parents can effectively guide their young ones on this
incredible and rewarding journey. With the plan, each child will learn one CHARACTER related scripture in a week
and a total of 52 scriptures in an entire year. This way, children will have God’s word in their hearts all year round!

Tracking each child’s progress is easy with the ‘1 Year Memory Challenge!’ Progress sheet inside each resource pack.
The sheet has 4 tables representing 4 quarters of a year.
Whichever month you start, you can track each child’s progress by posting in the spaces provided, all
the verses which the child masters successfully. You continue to track the progress until all the months are covered.
When posted in a visible area, the ‘1Year Memory Challenge!’ Progress sheet also serves as a constant
reminder of your child’s exciting goal of memorizing and reciting 52 scripture verses in 1 year!

For parents, anytime is ‘good enough time’ to rehearse each week’s Memory verse each child. It could be at your
breakfast table, at play or any of those special moments you share together.

We encourage parents and teachers to celebrate quarterly successes with the children as they make progress
in this wonderful adventure.

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