ICM Progress Celebration Ideas

ICM CelebrationsOne of the unique features of the ICM! Recital and Memory Resource Pack will have to be the Progress Monitoring feature which is designed to help parents, guardians and teachers track and monitor the progress the young ones are making in this exciting and rewarding adventure!

The Progress sheet inside each resource pack is divided into 4 quarters of the year and is designed to have specific Memory verses to be covered within the quarter in view. The sheet has 4 tables representing 4 quarters of a year.
Your year start should be the particular month in which you commence the adventure, not necessarily the month of January.
You make a full 12-month circle to the same month in the following year, by then, your young ones would have internalized 52 life transformational scriptures of the Bible!
To this end, we passionately encourage parents and teachers to celebrate quarterly successes with the children as they make progress in this wonderful adventure and especially as an impetus to do more, effort wise in completing the year long challenge!

Has your child completed her first quarter, or has he completed an entire year?
Feel free to share with us what your 'Progress Celebration Ideas' were, someone might just find it very useful and adaptable!

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